Helping Refugees

in Lexington Massachusetts and Neighboring Towns

There are places where being who you are is a punishable offense. There are places where you might be sentenced to death because you chose to live. These places have many names. But the ones who flee, have one. Refugee.

Who we are and what we do.
Our volunteers have developed a number of important resources based on our experience working with refugee families. We also list a number of government and humanitarian organizations that contribute to our efforts.
Hosting offers a safe and welcoming place for asylum seekers to stay where they can learn English, adjust to American culture and prepare for self-sufficiency. Here’s how.
Let us know your interests and availability to help.

We are 100% volunteer organization and need your financial support. Every dollar we raise goes to support our refugee and asylum seeking families.


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100% volunteer effort (no paid staff)

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We currently support over 100 people

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LexRAP refurbishes laptops and has given over 60 to refugee families

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100% of donations go directly to Refugee Support Services

Something Like Home

Something Like Home is a Duolingo documentary about the impact of language and education on the lives of Syrian refugees in Turkey and Jordan.

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