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Babs’ Story

In 2016 a family consisting of a single mother and twin boys arrived in the U.S. after fleeing Syria because of the war (a journey that took five years and three countries).  No one in the family spoke English. The boys were placed in the local public school and the mother soon after started a job in a factory.  From there she became a nanny, but really dreamed of working in a professional office setting. 

In 2018 the family became involved in LexRAP, and I had the great fortune to become a co-lead.

Working with this family has been amazing.  At the beginning their need was so great. We were there at every school meeting, all communications, doctor’s visits, etc. Every year they became more and more independent.  

Fast forward to today. All 3 are U.S. Citizens (the mom voted for the first time!), both boys graduated high school, and the mother is now working in a medical office. This family now has the skills, language and confidence to navigate their own life. Today we are simply great friends!

I learned so much from this experience in so many ways. My partners and I witnessed firsthand what is possible when human beings support each other. 

– Babs Freedman

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