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Refugee cooks prepare food in the First Parish kitchen

Food Initiatives to Support Haitian Refugees

When LexRAP president Bruce Neumann suggested that LexRAP find a way to enable the Haitian refugees housed in Lexington to cook for themselves, volunteers Jilana Abrams, Babs Freedman, and Ethan Kiczek eagerly stepped up. What was needed was a kitchen where families could prepare food and take it back to where they were staying.

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picture of a residential area from above

Update on Migrants at the Lexington Shelter 

In our last newsletter, I updated our faithful followers about work we were involved with in supporting  30 migrant families living in Lexington.  This work has continued and expanded, and the coalition of which we are a part has shown itself to be a dedicated and resourceful team, accomplishing a remarkable amount for a leaderless group, many of whom had not met before engaging in this work.

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An Interview with Mustafa Abo-Tabik

An Interview with Mustafa Abo-Tabik​

Mustafa Abo-Tabik lives in Lexington with his brother, sister-in-law and young neice. When the Covid lock down started, he reached out helping hands and offered his services as a food shopper for folks before all the stores started expanded delivery. He is now enrolled at Minutemen Tech in a mechanic training program and working at the Toyota dealership in Lexington.

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Benesh and her sister came to see that they would need to leave the country. They faced difficult choices – their mother, another sister, and brother were in Kabul and did not have access to leaving. Benesh and her sister were eventually able to get on an airlift from Kabul to an airbase in Germany where they stayed for a week or so before being transferred to Ft. Dix in New Jersey.

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