Lexington-Sheltered Migrants Update

The LexSheltered Coalition, including numerous long-time LexRAP volunteers, continues to support the migrants in a shelter in Lexington. A lot has happened since our last newsletter!

  • All the families are now in the shelter which has kitchenettes. Together with weekly food deliveries (big shout out to the Lexington Food Pantry!), this means the residents are less reliant on prepared meals provided by the state.
  • ELL and Conversation Circles continue – all are making progress with their English language skills.
  • Two volunteers spent countless hours, helping folks align their MassHealth with a more local provider, then helped get first physician appointments.
  • A number of volunteers, working individually with residents, helped create resumes with contact information and work history. Several have jobs already, many are actively looking.
  • An afterschool program will start soon at the shelter, two days a week.
  • Several families have received childcare vouchers and have secured spots in a local preschool. This is great not just for the kids, to get out of the shelter and build socialization skills, but for the parents who can potentially find jobs during the hours their kids are at preschool.
  • Planning is in-progress to get many of the kids into summer camp programs.

Perhaps most significantly, an agency (Health Equity International) has been named to provide an on-site presence and case management. We’re expecting to begin dialogue soon, and for them to be on-site within a couple of weeks. Additionally, we’ve been told that these residents will be at this shelter until the end of the year, which news removes a cloud of uncertainty on whether they might be moved.

– Bruce Neumann, LexRAP President

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