LexRAP Delivers Bikes to Sheltered Migrants 

Volunteers and an unidentified refugee standing in front of a truck full of bicycles

As the nation has struggled with absorbing immigrants, so has Massachusetts. We have a law requiring that homeless families be provided shelter. In August, 100 families, consisting of over 350 people, were sheltered in Bedford. In November 30 families, all with children, were sheltered in hotels in Lexington. One of the requests from the Bedford families was for bicycles in order to more easily travel as they sought work, shopped for groceries, and learned about their environment. We contacted The Bike Connector in Lowell (https://www.bikeconnector.org/) to explore how they might help. A volunteer fluent in Haitian Creole, Dinna Louissant polled the families and determined that there was an initial request for 64 bicycles. Patty Grasso, a Lexington resident and member of the board at The Bike Connector responded immediately with a resounding “yes!”, that they could provide the bicycles. Over several weeks 52 bicycles were delivered by LexRAP volunteers and the remainder will be delivered in the coming weeks. Several of the sheltered family members joined the volunteers at the Bike Connector in repairing and fixing the bicycles that were to be delivered. Each bike came with a combination lock and a safety helmet. While the families still experience many challenges, having a means of transportation, recreation and exercise is a small step on the path to self-sufficiency.  

– Steve Stulck, LexRAP Vice President and Volunteer   

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