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Meet LexRAP Volunteer Marcie Glad

Volunteer Marcie Glad, who moved to the Boston area nine years ago from Utah, now lives in Medford. After a career running summer camps, she opened her own business helping clients manage spreadsheets in May of 2023. Building a business takes time, but Marcie has a lot of interests. She gardens, teaches swimming and lifeguarding, cooks, and is very active in her house of worship planning monthly activities.

Marcie has long been inspired by the plight of refugees. In second grade, she learned about Mother Teresa and her work with orphans, leading to her career running camps. She found out about LexRAP from a social media contact who is himself a Syrian asylum seeker here on a student visa. She began volunteering this past May.

“I really struggled with my move to Boston,” Marcie recalls. “But I knew the language, could get a job, had a car and could drive. I have such admiration for people who come here from a different country with none of these advantages. It really puts things in perspective for me.”

Most of Marcie’s volunteer work with LexRAP has been providing transportation. Her first engagement was taking a mother and son from Afghanistan to a bicycle shop to get a bike fixed. Talking to the mother, Marcie learned that she was an attorney in her country. Her husband was killed by the government.

“Hearing the refugees’ stories is so humbling,” Marcie says. “Spending time with someone who has had to flee their country reminds me of how much I have to be grateful for.”

As the relationship progressed, this family hosted Marcie and another volunteer for dinner. “What an honor!” she notes. “I learned so much about the Afghani culture and enjoyed a
traditional meal. I also got to use my very limited Farsi. It was a wonderful experience.”

Marcie highly recommends volunteering with LexRAP. “I didn’t have to commit to a regular day or time,” she says. “I can volunteer when it works for my schedule. This flexibility is important to me as a business owner.”

“I believe that service is the rent we pay for living on the earth. LexRAP enables me to give back in a way that is very meaningful to me. I am deeply interested in the refugee crisis and am learning so much by working with families. I am grateful to LexRAP for the support they offer these new arrivals and for giving me the opportunity to make a difference.”

– Nancy Keswani, LexRAP Board member and volunteer

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