Meet LexRAP Volunteer Olivia White

LexRAP volunteer Olivia White

Volunteer Olivia White has been on the LexRAP team since November 2022. After graduation from Lexington High School, Olivia spent time studying in Canada, the UK and Hong Kong during her college career. This, along with having friends who have migrated to North America, sensitized her to the challenges of adjusting to a new environment.

“I chose to volunteer with LexRAP because they addressed a host of difficulties faced by refugees while also creating a sense of community for the new arrivals. I wanted to be part of a group that was both welcoming and helpful to those who really need it,” she says.

Olivia supports LexRAP primarily through her involvement with communications. She organizes content and creates weekly posts for the Facebook page. She also generates drafts of the monthly LexRAP newsletter. Last spring, Olivia participated in the development of the new website; she continues to upload stories and make page edits. Most recently, she was part of the planning committee for the Volunteer Appreciation event. Her various commitments range from weekly to monthly to occasionally.

Says Olivia, “LexRAP offers people the opportunity to volunteer in any capacity that they can. I am not in a place where I could offer a family a place to stay or drive people to appointments, yet I am still able to contribute in meaningful ways with the abilities and skills I have.”

She continues, “Volunteering with LexRAP has helped me learn more about the experiences of refugees around the world and given me an appreciation for what I have. I am concerned about the struggles our families face, touched by the work that other volunteers do, and grateful to be a part of it.”

Olivia has found volunteering at LexRAP “so rewarding,” noting that the organization welcomes anyone who wants to assist refugees. “No matter the type of volunteering or the amount of time you have to commit, anything you can do to help will have an impact,” she says.

Olivia works at MIT and is pursuing a graduate certificate in international relations at Harvard’s Division of Continuing Education. When she’s not working, she can be found writing class assignments, cooking, chasing after her little cousins, or attempting to catch up on her ever-growing list of TV show recommendations.

– Nancy Keswani, LexRAP Board member and volunteer

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